Season 20 trends

2020 is almost around the corner with a promise of plenty new design trends and innovation in interior design. We carefully research these upcoming trends and see how we can best implement our designs into current styles of the industry and help hobby and professional interior design enthusiasts furnish their spaces. Here is an overview of trends that inspired us for the new year.

Boldly patterned backsplash designs are in demand now, but the price of refurbishing kitchen tiles can be over the top for a trend that will likely change in a season or two. That is why instead of tiles we offer self-adhesive foil that is perfect for upcycling old tiles with fresh colors and patterns. From bold and bright colors to more subdued neutral tones we have a range of foils that can spruce up any kitchen or bathroom tile wall with a fresh new look.

bold kitchen backsplash

Mixed metals in interior design are predicted to be one of the most popular trends of the year 2020. That is why we prepared a special new collection of Luxury metallics that can transform old furniture into the most modern trend of the year. In combination with our regular line of metallic foils, the transformation of old furniture is complete.

Engineered environment trend is all about mixing technology and nature. A combination of our “Nature” designs such as wood, linen, denim and textures such as concrete, marble, and metallic foils it is easy to achieve this bold look in any space.

Florals are a classic trend that never goes out of style. It is just a matter of color and size combination throughout the decades. That is why we have a range of floral designs in various sizes that can help achieve a romantic look.