Season 18 trends

1. Vintage kid

The best way to describe this trendboard is: sweet, joyful and romantic. Pastel colours, as well as ecrus, whites and warm metallic tones, are favorites. We would like to create a cozy and welcoming vintage feeling, which would also work great for the decoration of childrens interior. It’s clear why these colors are trending. They are timeless and its happiness make it perfect for beautiful decorative pieces. It creates a comforting atmosphere within a space and its flexibility means it’s available in many different forms.
























2. Wildlife

Imagine yourself in an adventurous jungle, amidst lifesize trees and rare animals. The organic atmosphere of this trend feels rustic, exotic and mature. The materials and colours tend to create an adventurous and warm ambiance; composing a space where one can escape and relax. Reflecting the rapidly growing wellness industry, the tones are backed up by themes of sustainability, simplistic living, spirituality, and self-improvement.

Key words: exotic, sustainability, nature, organic, adventure, rustic and wood.























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