About the company

Vénilia Décor is part of a large industrial group known for being product-driven and one step ahead of the competition. We manufacture a wide range of self adhesive and static decorative films (Gekkofix®), as well as tablecloths (Gekkotex®) and printmedia in our factory in the Netherlands. Our products all meet the necessary quality standards and we are leaders in product development, offering a range that is known to be the best in the market.

We are proud to present you our latest collection for 2019. We have worked hard to further distinguish our collection and are very satisfied with the result and we are eager to show you these unique collections. We have discontinued some designs from previous foil and tablecloth collections, but have added many new ones to give you the possibility to keep up-to-date with the market trends. We also would like to show you the opportunities of our printmedia.

We feel confident that the collection will allow you to increase your sales. A strong base for all of our products lies in our emphasis on quality. We have the Oekotex certificate for our complete range and all products are REACH compliant. Some of our products can be manufactured in a different color on your request.
Please let us know your wishes and we will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities.



2018 Vénilia Décor (Brands: Gekkofix®, Gekkotex®, print media)
2011 Van Merksteijn Plastics B.V. ‘Van Merksteijn Industrial Group’ (Brands: Gekkofix®, Gekkotex®, Gekkomedia®)
2001 Boekelo Décor B.V.
1969 Boekelo Folien B.V. ‘Solvay’ concern (Brands: Alkor, Venilia, Fablon, Ixa)
1960 NV Boekelo Plastics Commercial Plastics NV. (‘Unilever’concern)

Do you know that we actually date back from 1960?
Our long history provides us with an enormous experience in PVC. Some of our employees are even third generation employees working for us.
Please keep a close on this section for more background on our development as a company.



Vénilia Décor has several machines and processing utilities:

  • Calendering monomeric/polymeric PVC foils from 70um to 350um up to a width of 1600mm.
  • 6-colour printing with solvent and water-based inks up to a width of 1500mm.
  • Embossing equipment for structures and laminating several layers onto each other.
  • Siliconising equipment to siliconise paper liners up to a width of 1500mm.
  • Coating/adhesivating equipment with water-based and solvent-based coatings and adhesives.
  • Slitting/rewinding and packing facilities.